No "Occupied" Characters, Please!
This is pretty important to me: I only role play my characters if they are 'unoccupied' by other role plays, and I require, expect and strongly appreciate the same in return.
Please do not offer to use a character with me, if that character (or an 'alternate version' of the same character) is currently being used in a role play with someone else. Likewise, please don't go and offer them to someone else if you are currently using them with me.
It should be noted that I do not care if your characters have been used in other role plays before (nearly all of mine have), as long as they will not be used with anyone else while you are role playing them with me.
Please do not lie to me about an occupied character and assume I'll never know. Believe me, I can and inevitably will find out if you are, and I've unfortunately had to end more than one amazing role play for this very reason.

Long-Term and Regular Replies
I only do long-term role plays, and I expect replies at least once every week or two on average, with every day/every other day or more being ideal. If you have any reasons for taking a more than a week or so, that's fine, but please be sure to notify me!
I'm somewhat lenient on this, as long as we get to chat and discuss the role play regularly. I won't rush you to respond; I'd much rather wait for a post that you enjoyed writing, than get one more quickly that you viewed as a chore to complete because you were preoccupied or weren't in the mood at the time.
However, I may occasionally inquire about the progress of your post if you're taking a while.
If you're having a hard time responding, tell me so I can help!

Help me out, and let me know if you're having any trouble!
If you get bored or begin to lose interest in our role play, speak up. I will constantly try to think of ways to keep it fun and interesting, but a role play takes more than one person. We will need to talk often and work with each other to discuss ideas, to keep it from getting boring or becoming day-in and day-out.
If our role play is hopelessly suffering despite our best efforts to spice it up, and you wish to end it altogether, please be up front with me and do not just gradually stop replying or randomly ditch my without warning.
After all, we can always try again with a different pairing, or just stick to chatting out of character, or even look into finding different partners if you would prefer.

You probably already know all of these, but the other basics do apply, of course;
  • Use correct english, grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation to the best of your ability at all times. I understand that no one is perfect (I'm certainly not) and by no means will I bite your head off over occasional errors, but please try to avoid and correct them as well as you can, and I will do the same. ^^
  • No Chatspeak in OR out of character.
  • No God Modding
  • No Power Playing
  • No "Wolfscript"
  • Please do not be an "along for the ride" partner who never makes any suggestions and doesn't help with the plots or ideas for the role play. :c
  • This will be in past-tense, third person, paragraph style only.
  • Try to give me something to work with if possible, and I will always do my best to do the same! If I ever fail to do so, please let me know. I won't feel at all offended or inconvenienced, and I can either edit, add onto or even rewrite my last post for you!

    I have no limits on romance, sex, violence, gore, swearing or strong language.
    In fact, I'm really quite open minded and if you have a particular quirk, kink or even fetish that you'd like to try out, regardless of how abstract or unusual it may be, don't hesitate to bring it up! You won't know unless you ask, right? c:

    As a head's-up, I next to never timeskip intimate scenes or do the "fade to black" thing, though, so if you are uncomfortable with these aspects of the role play, I apologize, but I'm not the partner for you.

    I strictly do not role play child porn, bestiality or scat fetishes under any circumstances. Or diapers. No. Just...
    I'm also not into "furries" at all, and kindly decline to role play my characters with them. Sorry if you're into that, but it crosses a line bordering on zoophilia for me and I am simply not interested.

    It would probably be best if you have few to no limits, but this may be negotiable, depending on what yours are.

    I can't read your mind, so if you have any limits of your own, please let me know up front or I will most likely assume that you don't! If you warn me of your limits ahead of time, I'll do the best I can to respect them.