When it comes to genres, I only do Modern Supernatural, also called Urban Fantasy role plays. Sort of a free-for-all with shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, witches, warlocks, humans, etc. Basically, use whatever you want. Just because my character is of a certain race doesn't mean that yours needs to be the same.

The explanation of my general 'world' is basically modern, everyday Earth, with the logic of "supernatural beings exist, but most humans don't believe that they do". Sort of like UFOs, or paranormal activity such as ghosts and spirits and whatnot. Some believe in them and even claim to have encountered them, but most people think they're fairytales, legends or myths.
If you'd prefer a different world or dimension, I'm always open to suggestions, of course~!

I don't do any fandom-based genres, including movies, shows, books, animes, mangas or video games.
I don't mind using a fandom for inspiration, or even a spinoff of their plot or world, but I only use my Original Characters, no "canons".

If that doesn't make much sense, perhaps this example will clarify:
We can make our own school for supernatural beings, but it's not going to be Harry Potter's Hogwarts or the X-Men's mansion, nor will it have Albus Dumbledore or Charles Xavier running it, and it will not have teachers such as Minerva McGonagall or Jean Grey.

I really am sorry, and I have nothing against fandoms (I like a great many of them myself), but I personally have no talent when it comes to putting myself in the shoes of a character I did not create or design, and when I constantly stress out over trying to keep them in character, it just isn't enjoyable for me anymore.