When it comes to role playing, my skill level is what most have labeled "literate to advanced".
To be more specific, the average length of my responses but will usually be around one to three paragraphs or so, sometimes more but never less. They can vary with the situation and what I have to go on, but I prefer shorter and more frequent replies as opposed to novel-esque ones that leave one's partner in the dust.
My usual introductions are around five to fifteen paragraphs, give or take. They average at about ten, depending on how much there is to describe, and if I'm starting the role play or not.
I will always put forth my best effort to give you something to reply to.

I have no problem with showing samples of my writing; if you'd like to contact me just to ask for one to see if I'm to your liking or not, I won't mind at all~!

I usually reply anywhere from half an hour to half a week after I receive a post. A couple of hours to a couple of days is most common. Intros may take anywhere from a day to a week or longer.
Keep in mind that all of these times depend on how busy I am and how inspired I feel about writing at the time.

I have both male and female characters, but I'm usually not that interested in role playing heterosexual relationships.
I strongly prefer male x male and female x female pairings, but I may be able to be persuaded to try out a straight pairing, providing the couple is compatible and interesting enough -- no guarantees here, but I'm a good sport and I'll do my best to humor you if you'd like to give it a shot.

I have a wide variety of characters. Many are on the androgynous side, but some are more feminine and a few are somewhat more masculine. If you're looking for manly beefcakes, sorry, but you're in the wrong place -- my males are far from girls with dangly bits on them, but they're by no means hairy muscle maniacs, either.
Likewise, you also won't find many delicate little girly-girls -- all of my characters, regardless of gender, are varying degrees in the middle.

Many of my characters are on the more dominant side, while some are more submissive. Plenty are somewhere in between, described as versatile sometimes leaning toward one or the other.
I can play any "dominance level" equally, and I sometimes have a thing for mixing and matching -- dominant x dominant, or even submissive x submissive, just to shake things up once in a while. I have no preference over what you would rather use, so just let me know what you're looking for~!

I have few to no mortal (fully human) characters, but you're welcome to use yours if you'd like!
The majority of my characters are a race of shapeshifters that I invented well over a decade ago. Most noticeably, they tend to have some combination of animalistic traits such as wings, horns, tails, ears and sometimes abnormal skin tones.
If you don't care for that, let me know your personal squicks and we can try to work around it, but please be aware that I will not be changing my fully developed characters' designs.
Please don't mistake them for "furries", however; their humanoid forms don't have fur, scales or feathers, and none have muzzles or beaks or anything.
My shifters will likely only use their animal forms for about one percent of the role play, generally only for fighting and/or transportation.

I don't mind what species your characters are. Humans, vampires, werewolves, shifters, angels, demons, rainbow unicorn people; I have NO preference whatsoever, as long as they have a relatively humanoid form of some kind.

This isn't necessarily essential, but I would absolutely love it if you have some kind of illustration of your characters; whether your own work, commissioned, whatever (as long as it's not stolen, of course xD) so I can get a better idea of their appearance in a way that words, no matter how detailed, could never fully convey.

I would prefer if you did not use photographs at all. That depicts a a real person, and whether you have permission to use images of them as stock or not, they are still not your characters. Sorry.

Having an illustration of your characters isn't a requirement, but it really is a huge plus for me.

As always, please let me know if there is something you like or dislike, whether in a role play or just in general. Tell me your interests and your pet peeves, or if there is something you want more or less of! I won't know unless you inform me, and I'm always willing and eager to listen. ^^