You might well be wondering - and rightly so - that since my contacting information is quite clearly listed at the bottom of this page,
"why could this possibly require a tab to itself?"

Bear with me, though:
This page exists because it's worth mentioning that, while I certainly don't mind sending posts over email (and often even prefer it, especially for the ones that are more lengthy) I do, however, require that my partner have some form of instant messenger available for out-of-character conversation.

Please do not presume this to mean that I'm only interested in "IM RPs" in which both role players send brief, rapid-fire replies that are typed up directly in the messenger itself, because that most definitely is not the case - in fact, I refuse to role play via text messages or other cell phone apps for that very purpose.

The reason it's so important to me to have a program available to communicate directly with each other is due to the simple fact that, when it comes to role playing, I do a lot of planning and discussion -- both before, and during the actual role play.

I'm not a "let's just wing it and hope for the best" kind of partner by any means—not anymore, at least; considering I have never once managed to have a long-term role play develop from that method. : P

If my partner is comfortable with it, I even like to engage in some casual chatting and getting to know each other outside of the role play - and while that isn't a necessity if it's not your cup of tea, I've found that being able to have a back-and-forth conversation in regards to our characters, our plot ideas, and our role play in general, is vital to ensure a story that will be successful and enjoyable for us both.

I'll even consider using private messages on facebook for OOC conversation (you'll have to ask me for my contacting information there) though I would prefer not to send role play posts over that site.
I am also comfortable with posting role play replies over google documents, if that might be more convenient for you - but for personal reasons, I will not role play over any other websites.

You have my apologies if that's what you were looking for, so I'll try to offer some other alternatives for those of us who aren't always willing or able download a messenger:
You may use aim directly from the website, and the same goes for skype at - no download required for either one, and completely free of course.

With all that covered, there should hopefully be a viable option for anyone and everyone who desires to strike up a role play with yours truly.

But if that isn't the case, feel free to hit me up and see if we can't work out something else instead!