Hello there, I'm Dember. For those who are curious, I'll be twenty-five years old this upcoming August.

I happen to be from northern California, but don't let differing time zones turn you away! Not only do I work from home, but I am awake all hours of the day and night, so conflicting schedules shouldn't be too much of a concern.

As long as you're online regularly, I can most likely adjust to you.

As for my hobbies and activities, I enjoy artwork, drawing, writing - and of course, role playing.

I'm generally a rather chill and all-around laidback person, but I am also very honest, outspoken and opinionated.

If anything ever does bother me, I will always speak up so the matter can be resolved before it has the opportunity to become problematic, and I'd be very grateful if you offered the same courtesy to me in return.

I respect those who speak their minds, and I believe that compromise is the key to a good relationship of any kind - including role playing partners, so please never be afraid to say what you think!

In regards to role playing: if you think it sounds like we would be a compatible match, please read through the other pages on the tabs above and drop me a message if you're interested!

Thanks for checking out my page, I can't wait to hear from you! : D